Indian Scout Sixty Custom

They say that a motorcycle is never finished, but „Indy“ (the name of this beauty) nearly is (at least for now). As people keep asking me which modifications i did, I’ll list all mods in this posting. Maybe it inspires another rider to work on his or her Scout.

Before I start I want to thank Harald from Indian Vienna for his great support and perfect customer service! And maybe it is worth mentioning that this is a 2016 Indian Scout Sixty – just in case someone with a newer Scout is wondering why some parts may not fit.

Indian Scout Sixty Custom Bike

To get a more sporty look I mounted the Indian 1901 Mini Windshield. I got it painted black before, as I don’t really liked the „1901“- lettering). The windshield-performance (in terms of keeping the wind off me) is not really big, but I mounted it for style reasons anyways.

Indian Windscreen

Together with the wind shield the Indian Beach Bar Handlebar makes riding much more comfortable (it’s lower and wider than the original handlebar).

Indian Scout Sixty Custom Bike

As the original footpegs were quite worn out (due to contact with the tarmac in corners), I mounted the Indian Scout Bobber Footpegs (with those little screws that you can change…however they are called) and added Indian Passenger Footpegs for passengers.

Indian Scout Bobber Footpegs

For tours I also use the black Indian Leather Saddlebags (not during this photo shoot), you can see them on my photoblog posts for the tours in Vorarlberg and Scotland). To improve the handling I changed the front shocks and installed the Cartridge Tracker by K-Tech (available via Zupin) – they make a huge difference!

K-Tech Cartridges

Also the rear shocks were changed – I mounted the Bullit shocks by K-Tech (also available via Zupin). They get custom-fitted to your weight and work like a charm.

K-Tech Bullit

The original sound is…well…let’s say „not optimal“. Therefore I changed the exhaust and mounted a VPerformance exhaust. The sound is marvellous and it is street-legal in the EU. The loudness can be set by changing the DB-killer (there are 2 different ones available). I also like the look, as the exhaust is much smaller than the original one and also gives more space to the Metzeler white wall tyres.

V-Performance Exhaust

For the comfort I mounted the Brave Fastback Saddle by Corbin.

Corbin Seat

This seat is so comfortable and also has space for a passenger – to be honest: only for short rides. The mounts for the saddlebags allow for a passenger sissy bar to be mounted. But as it is quite ugly, I only mount it when a passenger is on board.

Corbin Seat

As a perfect addition to the wind shield I mounted the Küryakyn Signature Series Sprint Chin Spoiler, which gives the bike a much more sporty look. It has to be painted before you can mount it.


I didn’t really like the massive original blinkers, so I changed them and used the Bullet 1000 LED-Blinker by Kellermann (you can get them also at Louis), fortunately my Scout didn’t need any changes in the electrical system (you can find a detailed how-to manual in German on Mo’s Blog). The Highsider LED Headlight is a perfect addition – thanks to the guys from IWAN-Bikes in Munich for the tip!

Kellermann LED

The logo on the tank was removed, instead I got a hand-painted lettering (made by the master himself, August Mischinger).

Indian Scout Custom Logo

The Belt-Cover was painted in black (as the wind shield and the spoiler…great work by Weihrauch Carcare – great customer service!) and outfitted with our NerdCircusMotorcycleClub-logo (enamelled steel plate made by RIESS Email).

Belt Cover

The exhaust is taped and thanks to some Nike sneakers and a rain trouser it has two beautiful stains from plastic (proof that it really gets hot!). ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Indian Scout Custom Bike

As I don’t like to have my smartphone in my pocket when I ride, I mounted the SP-Connect Mount (together with a RAM Ballmount) on the handlebar. It works perfectly and keeps the smartphone right behind the small wind shield.

SP Connect Phone Mount

Last, but not least: The frame of the rear light was also painted black.

Indian Scout Custom Bike

That’s it for now – let’s see what additional mods I’ll add in the future.

Indian Scout Custom Bike

UPDATE 2020: The Corbin seat is not approved for two persons in Austria, as it does not have a strap. So I changed it to the Indian Sport Seat, that has one.

Indian Sport Seat

No one will ever use it, as the passenger sits directly on top of the strap – but that doesn’t interest the law, right?! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Indian Sport Seat

The construction and comfort is quite similar to the Corbin seat and the chrome Indian logo is also a very nice detail.

Indian Sport Seat

To better store the first aid kite and not having to put it underneath the wind screen, I installed a Ends Cuoio swing arm bag (Paco). There is also space for some tools and the red seams match the red lines of the custom tank logo perfectly.

Ends Cuoio Paco Swing Arm Bag

All modifications have been added to the vehicle registration book. The qualified experts from IBBZ Ingenieure have been extremely helpful there, as they documented all modifications in a technical report, which made it much easier to get everything approved by the vehicle inspection authority.

Datum: 4. Februar 2019

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