DOKA-Ikea Schreibtisch

As a busy media worker you probably spend much time in front of a screen – mostly sitting. This can be quite unhealthy, some studies say even deadly – maybe not immediatley, but some variation can’t be bad. IKEA introduced a height-adjustable work desk some time ago, that is suitable for sitting (see above) and standing workaholics. The maximum height is perfect for my body height of 183cm.


The height adjustment is done electrically via a small „control center“, which can be positioned anywhere on the underside of the desk. So the desk needs a power supply (which would have been necessary for the computer and media accessories anyway). You don’t have to fear a power loss – the desk does not move when the power is cut off.

The knob on the right side is the „key“, that is necessary to adjust the height. If a bad colleague steals it, you don’t have to have the same desk height forever. There is another key in the package and furthermore the lock is very simple: a 3,5mm headphone jack. So every headphone plug can be used as key 🙂

DOKA-Ikea Schreibtisch

The power cord can be attached to the table leg with cable ties. But be careful: Do attach it when the desk is adjusted to the full height (otherwise the power cord would be too short!). To have a nice and clean office, I recommend attaching a cable tunnel underneath the desk. Very cheap and very helpful!

DOKA-Ikea Schreibtisch

One word to the yellow DOKA plate: I wanted to have this plate, because it’s yellow and cool and a bit DIY. Between the desk photoshooting and the publication of this article I was warned by several persons that the plate (which is normally used in formwork engineering to keep liquid concrete in shape) might be more dangerous to my health than too much sitting. It is heavily chemically treated with lots of not-so-healthy stuff and nasty fumes escape for a very long time (EDIT: A DOKA employee commented on the German version of this article and explained that the plates are not treated with chemicals). So I strongly recommend using a different plate (e.g. the standard IKEA plates). I will exchange it immediately.

So, anyone in need of a 120x80cm DOKA plate? 😉

Datum: 4. September 2013

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