Vienna Service Design Jam

For the third time GP Designpartners organized the Vienna Service Design Jam (part of the Global Service Jam), which took place last week….

Do-It-Yourself Teleprompter

Teleprompters are essential for US-presidents, longer speeches and persons who are too lazy to learn a text by heart….

Malteser Whitewater Camp

Fot 15 years the Malteser Hospitaller Service Austria has been organizing the Whitewater Camp for people with disabilities…

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About me
Christian Lendl

I am a photographer and filmmaker and I blog about DIY, audio/video and motorcycles. Selected photographs are online on my photo blog and on my Instagram, meine professional services can be found on my portfolio.

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I am the drummer of Leichtsinn, we play indie rock with lots of Austrian charme.

Bletchley Park Book
Bletchley ParkMy compact history book about Bletchley Park and the breaking of the ENIGMA code is called "Bletchley Park | British Cryptanalysis during World War II" and is available as print, audio book and eBook.