Power Mac G4 Gin Stash

What to do with an old (and not working) Power Mac G4, that has been down in the…

Making a house temporarily wheelchair-accessible

Due to an accident my parents‘ house had temporarily to be made as wheelchair-accessible as possible. Temporarily because…

Checkered Book shelf

I really like checkered patterns, as you might have noticed in this blog post. So why not create also a…


I discovered analog photography quite late (but better than never) with my Mamiya RB67 with a polaroid back….

LED Dinner Table

What to do when you can’t find a nice dinner table for your new flat? Build one! I…

Motivation in a frame

My favourite customers got a special hand-made thank-you-for-the-great-cooperation-present this year: a motivational poster! (More or less) smart motivational…

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All posts are about Do-It-Yourself. Attention, wet paint and lots of Gaffa tape!

About me
Christian Lendl

I am a photographer and filmmaker and I blog about DIY, audio/video and motorcycles. Selected photographs are online on my photo blog and on my Instagram, meine professional services can be found on my portfolio.

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I am the drummer of Leichtsinn, we play indie rock with lots of Austrian charme.

Bletchley Park Book
Bletchley ParkMy compact history book about Bletchley Park and the breaking of the ENIGMA code is called "Bletchley Park | British Cryptanalysis during World War II" and is available as print, audio book and eBook.