Motivation zum Aufhängen

Als kleines Dankeschön für die Zusammenarbeit im letzten Jahr gab es für meine Lieblingskunden dieses Jahr ein spezielles…

Motivation in a frame

My favourite customers got a special hand-made thank-you-for-the-great-cooperation-present this year: a motivational poster! (More or less) smart motivational…

Vienna Service Design Jam 2014

For the third time GP Designpartners organized the Vienna Service Design Jam (part of the Global Service Jam), which took place last week….

Vienna Service Design Jam 2014

Auch dieses Jahr gab es bei GP Designpartners wieder den Vienna Service Design Jam 2014 (als Teil des…

The Nerd Circus – The Night Is Setting In

Unser neues Album ist fertig. Wer wir sind? The Nerd Circus! Das Album ist auf iTunes, Amazon, Spotify und Soundcloud…

The Nerd Circus – The Night Is Setting In

Our new album is out now! Who we are? The Nerd Circus! The album is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Soundcloud. We did the…

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Christian Lendl
Christian Lendl

I am a photographer and filmmaker and I blog about DIY, audio/video and motorcycles. Selected photographs are online on my photo blog and on my Instagram, meine professional services can be found on my portfolio.

More about me can be found here.


I am the drummer of Leichtsinn, we play indie rock with lots of Austrian charme.

Bletchley Park Book
Bletchley ParkMy compact history book about Bletchley Park and the breaking of the ENIGMA code is called "Bletchley Park | British Cryptanalysis during World War II" and is available as print, audio book and eBook.