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Everything Else

All the posts that don’t fit into one of the other categories.


A Freelancer’s Life

Two years ago Melinda interviewed me for the series „A Freelancer’s Life“ on her blog where she interviewed several freelancers about their work life. As the original blog post is not online anymore, I copied it to this blog. Here you go:

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Eat in Crete

I love food. And I love good restaurants – especially, when I’m on holiday. Read more »


Audi as a chance

I inherited – a classic car. Well, a twentyfive year old Audi 80. Maybe not the best drive to take part at the Mille Miglia or cruise to Lake Neusiedl on a weekend. As I already own a (slightly more modern) car and don’t want to get into the classic car DIY scene, one question comes up: What to do with this car? Read more »


Interview for #AFreelancersLife

Melinda interviewed me for her series #AFreelancersLife about my daily work as a photographer and cinematographer – and why it is important to have a drumset right next to your work desk. Unfortunately, the original blog post is not online anymore. But I re-published it here. Read more »