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Blogpostings in English. I normally write in German, but I try to translate each post also to English. Some day also all my old postings will show up here. Please also have a look at the subcategories.


Audi as a chance

I inherited – a classic car. Well, a twentyfive year old Audi 80. Maybe not the best drive to take part at the Mille Miglia or cruise to Lake Neusiedl on a weekend. As I already own a (slightly more modern) car and don’t want to get into the classic car DIY scene, one question comes up: What to do with this car? Read more »



I discovered analog photography quite late (but better than never) with my Mamiya RB67 with a polaroid back. So in addition the only thing that is missing is a proper way of displaying the outcome.
Read more »


Interview for #AFreelancersLife

Melinda interviewed me for her series #AFreelancersLife about my daily work as a photographer and cinematographer – and why it is important to have a drumset right next to your work desk. Unfortunately, the original blog post is not online anymore. But I re-published it here. Read more »



What to do when you can’t find a nice dinner table for your new flat? Build one! Read more »


Motivation in a frame

My favourite customers got a special hand-made thank-you-for-the-great-cooperation-present this year: a motivational poster! Read more »

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